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For nearly three decades, One Financial Services has been a valued source for premier financial services and professional wealth management. Led by Principal and Co-founder, Jack Morrone, and Partner, Robert Pretopapa, the One Financial Services’ team demonstrates a passion for personal service. Through our advisor's affiliation with LPL Financial, we offer an integrated platform of proprietary technology and investment advisor services.


As a One Financial Services client you will…

  • Be engaged in an ongoing conversation to create and constantly update a financial life-plan based on your needs, goals and objectives.
  • Receive personalized strategies and professional advice based on leading sources of independent research, designed to help you make informed decisions and enhance your financial growth.

  • Have convenient 24/7 account access: You can manage your account online as well as find valuable tools and information through our website from the convenience of any electronic device.

  • Become a valued member of our One Financial Services’ family. We are your neighbors who live, work, and volunteer in your community.

At One Financial Services, we believe in your financial future, and we believe in empowering that future
through qualified guidance and personal collaboration.

<strong>In Tribute to Mary: A Pioneer in Finance</strong>

In Tribute to Mary: A Pioneer in Finance

Founder, Mentor, Trailblazer…

When few women ventured beyond the kitchen or the PTA meeting, One Financial Services Co-founder, Mary Nothelfer was blazing a trail in the financial industry for others to follow.

Mary’s story is one of resilience, courage, and a relentless pursuit of excellence; character traits she credits to her father, Bernie McElwain, a WW II veteran. Mary says her father raised her to be a woman of substance with a strong work ethic. “I was always glad to be known as Bernie’s daughter”.

In 1988 Mary pursued and obtained the professional designation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). No small feat for a woman managing children and a household. That path she set upon would reshape the landscape of retirement planning for hundreds of women who came after her. Mary says, “I have accomplished every goal I have ever set for myself”.

In 1994, after years of learning every aspect of the business while providing support to a successful advisor in the industry, she embarked on her own journey, driven, she says, by a passion to assist others in navigating the complexities of retirement decisions.

In 2005, Mary established her firm, a remarkable accomplishment in an industry where women advisors were a rarity and women-owned businesses even scarcer. Mary's story isn't just about breaking barriers; it's about shattering them with determination and style. It is impossible to overstate this milestone.

Providing financial services to others who depend on you, demands a deep sense of responsibility and sacrifice, a sacrifice of time, resources, and sometimes, personal gain, situations many women innately understand. Mary embraced this reality wholeheartedly. Clients needing evening meetings found her willingly available, and when the challenges of running a business arose, Mary prioritized her team and clients’ interests above all, even if it meant personal sacrifice.

During over four decades of service to One Financial Services’ clients, Mary not only built a successful business but became a mentor, guiding the next generation of our company with wisdom and kindness. Her legacy isn't just one of financial acumen; it's a testament to the enduring values of style, grace, and an unwavering commitment to doing what is right for the client.

Although Mary stepped into a well-deserved retirement in 2016, her spirit continues to inspire us. Today, we honor her not just as a founder, but as a trailblazer who paved the way for others to follow. Mary, your legacy lives on in the ethos of our company, in every client interaction, and in the mentorship you so generously bestowed upon us.

Here's to a visionary, a pioneer, and a truly remarkable woman—Mary.