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Women Know What They Want

Women Know What They Want

November 21, 2017

It’s no secret that women are the primary US consumers, making most purchasing decisions for themselves and their families, from grocery stores to doctor’s offices to auto dealerships, women choose where and with whom to spend their money.

It’s also no secret that women are famous for their intuition…that right brain instinct that guides them in making decisions, which may be why, at One Financial Services, we enjoy a high percentage of women clients: 38% to be precise.

In a study1 done by Professor Terrance Odean, Chair of the Finance Group at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, who is known for his work on behavioral finance, he and colleague Brad Barber, found that women were often savvy investors.

Women tend to follow a more long-term strategy and are less interested in scoring big wins. Odean’s study found that men can sometime regard investing as a sport that comes with bragging rights, and that attitude can be problematic.

There’s another aspect to how women make decisions regarding how they manage their money…it’s called trust…partnering with someone they feel is focused on their best interests, who will give them honest, practical advice regarding the best way to protect their family and plan for the future.

One Financial Services knows how to listen to your goals and aspirations. We want you to feel as comfortable talking to us as you would your family doctor or lawyer. Our team wants to become part of your team providing for your families future health and welfare.

And after we’ve listened, we will offer personalized options for managing your money that correspond to your goals…from saving for college to starting your own business, to taking the round the world cruise you’ve always dreamed of.

Listen to your intuition: Let One Financial Services help build your future.