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Spring is the Time for Renewal…and for Review

Spring is the Time for Renewal…and for Review

April 07, 2023

Spring is the Time for Renewal…and for Review


April brings not only showers to grow May flowers, it also brings the deadline to file personal income tax.

And just like we’re reminded at the beginning of each calendar year to change the batteries in our smoke alarms, April 15 should serve as a reminder to review your financial and retirement plans including your tax strategy.

At One Financial Services, reducing your taxes is an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan as well as any wealth-building strategy. We believe tax planning should be part of every client relationship…it's not just what you make but what you keep.

Good financial planning, which includes a comprehensive retirement plan, is about more than being able to retire comfortably, it’s about minimizing taxes along the way.

Your One Financial advisor will regularly analyze your financial plan to make sure that all elements are working together so that you are paying the lowest taxes possible…that your financial plan is “tax efficient”. Reducing your tax liability and maximizing your ability to contribute to your retirement plans we believe are key to success.

Tax planning should go beyond saving more for retirement, which may result in a tax deduction. It should involve a comprehensive strategy for you to pay the least amount of taxes over your lifetime, not just the current tax year while helping you to find all of the tax deductions you are entitled to today.

Proactive tax planning is also very important for those who are self-employed or small business owners. This can include those with a side hobby that pays or other self-employment income. Setting up the right business structures can directly impact your overall tax rates. Equally important for the self-employed is setting up the right retirement plan to increase your tax savings.

One Financial Services clients enjoy the best of both worlds, the expertise of a team of CPAs combined with financial advice expertise from highly qualified financial professionals.