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Planning is Crucial for Single Women…

Planning is Crucial for Single Women…

September 12, 2017

Being a single woman, whether widowed, divorced, or never married, makes planning for retirement not only a reason for good money management, it makes retirement planning important for your health and happiness.

How far will your retirement funds go and have you considered all the contingencies? Without crystal balls it’s hard to know how long we’re going to live so how much you need to save is a guessing game. Save too little and you could outlive your money.

Combined with the longevity factor is quality of life. Do you want to stay in your home, move to a location close to family or friends or settle in to one of the many “over 55” communities with lots of amenities?

Considering all the factors that can impact your retirement savings, it is certainly important to be frugal.  However, spending too little money can also be detrimental to your personal safety, health and happiness. How do you weigh the cost of not having installed a walk-in shower after you’ve slipped in the tub, or not installed a stair-glide after you’ve fallen down the steps?

As personal as these decisions are, they should not be made alone. At One Financial we have an all inclusive approach to life planning: No matter where you are in life, whether you’ve been a life-partner who finds you must now make your own plan, are winding down a successful career, or want to leave a lasting legacy, One Financial Services provides you with a safe environment for a conversation about your needs, goals and objectives to create the life plan this is right for you.

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