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October is National Financial Planning Month…

October is National Financial Planning Month…

October 12, 2023

October is here with its bright sunny days and cool, crisp nights, and with it comes National Financial Planning Month, a nationwide reminder for people to organize their finances. As you and your business enter Q4, it's important to start thinking about your financial plans for next year.

And, as we head into the holiday season, Financial Planning Month also reminds us to keep our holiday spending in check with the help of a holiday-specific budget that fits within our year-round budget. Financial Planning Month offers a great opportunity to get your finances and budgets in order before life gets too busy.

Taking a longer view, Financial Planning Month also serves as a reminder that our actions now help to determine what our future will look like…it reminder to act responsibly and with discipline.

Financial planning as a concept has been around since 1969, although back then it was different, and focused more on taxes. Eventually, financial planning came to focus on who the client is and what their needs are.

According to the Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.) Board of Standards in Denver, today, there are more than 94,000 C.F.P.s worldwide, including over 48,000 in the U.S.

Our One Financial Services team is proud to be led by CFP, Jack Morrone, Principal and Co-founder, and CFP Rob Pretopapa, Partner and Wealth Advisor.   

At One Financial Services, our comprehensive financial planning includes investing, tax planning, and retirement planning, along with individualized guidance as to how to get your finances in order, to pursue financial independence. Getting a step ahead of your spending and finances is beneficial in the long run and at One Financial Services we believe that Financial Planning Month is the perfect time to do that.