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More than a Financial Services Firm

More than a Financial Services Firm

March 05, 2023

At One Financial Services, we often say, “We think of our clients as family.”

To us, that’s not a catchphrase or a marketing slogan, it’s a reflection of the thought and care that goes toward serving the unique needs of each individual client.

A recent case in point:

A seventy-three-year-old father has a thirty-year-old son who is mentally challenged. The son lives independently with ongoing support and oversight by the father, who lives twenty-five miles away.

Some of that oversight is available through the United States Postal Service’s “Informed Delivery.” This service delivers photos of your mail to your email box before it arrives in your mailbox. Each morning you receive a preview of images of that day’s USPS mail and packages to be delivered. It also allows you to track and manage packages that you have sent.

By suggesting Informed Delivery to our client, he has been able to monitor incoming mail to his son and to be aware of appointment reminders from doctors, communications from service providers as well as important information from Social Security and Medical Assistance.

We have found Informed Delivery to be so helpful that our One Financial Services team uses it themselves and routinely recommends it when working with clients.

And the timing, right now, could not be better as we all wait for those envelopes marked, “Important Tax Document Enclosed.”

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