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Life can be Confusing: Writing Your Will shouldn’t be…

Life can be Confusing: Writing Your Will shouldn’t be…

December 27, 2017

You wouldn’t get your eyes examined by a foot doctor or your car repaired by the pizza delivery person, so why would you trust your last Will and Testament to anyone other than financial professionals and an estate planning attorney…people who specialize in protecting your assets and seeing your wishes are carried out.

Some of your estate likely already has built-in transition instructions. For example: A home with a joint deed will transfer automatically to the surviving spouse. But your will could provide instructions when the last of the joint owners passes.

And your retirement funds with named beneficiaries will automatically pass to those beneficiaries. Your will does not play a part, that is unless you have neglected to name a beneficiary or you have named your “estate” as your beneficiary.

You’ve worked all your life to take care of those you love. Knowing which of your assets needs to, or does not need to, be directed by your will can have a lasting impact on your heirs. Don’t neglect this critical step in creating a legacy.

At One Financial Services, we can play an important role in helping you prepare for the future…and beyond. Our One Financial Services team of in-house financial planning professionals, combined with our trusted referral partners will provide you with long-term financial confidence.

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