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Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones

May 21, 2023

Partners is an important word. Whether in love or business, “partner” represents shared responsibilities; shared paths on the way to shared goals.

As business partners at One Financial Services(OFS), Jack Morrone and Rob Pretopapa share many things: Both have college degrees, are Certified Financial Planners, oversee support staff who help ensure excellent customer service, and much more.

On a personal note, both Jack and Rob will celebrate milestone wedding anniversaries in 2023. Jack and Leslie are celebrating 35 years on Sunday May 21. To add to the joy, the day prior will be their only daughter’s wedding! Rob and Alesha are celebrating 15 years of marriage on August 1, 2023. These significant celebrations inspired OFS to tell the story of how each couple met and began dating, and to feature a few client couples’ stories as well. Enjoy the tales of romance!


Jack & Leslie – May 21, 1988

The story sounds a little different depending who you ask but Jack and Leslie first cross paths at a bank. One summer, Jack, who was a young professional bachelor, would deposit the money from his paycheck at the Merchants Bank near where he worked. The customer service stars were in alignment and somehow Leslie almost always ended up being his teller. Jack became her favorite customer.

That same summer, Jack and his roommate were at a rehearsal dinner while Jack’s roommate’s girlfriend hosted some friends at Jack’s apartment where Leslie was one of the guests. During the party, Leslie came to realize she was at her favorite customer’s apartment! Jack and his roommate met up with the apartment party at a bar after their respective events and upon arrival Leslie marched up to Jack and stated that she was in his apartment that evening. Having no clue who she was, Jack was taken aback to learn she was his regular teller at Merchants. Leslie asked Jack when they could go on a date and from there, their relationship bloomed. The question remains – where did they meet? At Merchants Bank or the bar? Regardless of the correct answer, 35 years is a remarkable feat and worthy of congratulations.


Rob & Alesha – August 1, 2008

Rob and Alesha met as incoming freshman during their first week of college at Bloomsburg University.  Alesha was visiting in Rob’s dorm building with a group of her friends.  Rob says he wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but there was definitely an attraction at that first meeting.  Over the next year, they began building a friendship and even had a college course together.  At the beginning of their sophomore year, Rob moved off campus and Alesha would frequently be a guest at his house parties.  Early into their sophomore year they began dating officially.  Their first “real date” was going to the movies to see Adam Sandler in “Big Daddy.”  Looking back, Rob and Alesha both agree that getting to know someone when you’re so young was really fun and really intimidating.  They dated regularly over the next several years with one break in their early twenties. Turns out absence does make the heart grow fonder. During that time apart they realized their feelings for each other only grew.  They joyfully became husband and wife in 2008.  Their attraction and love for each other haven’t dimmed over the years and they are excited to celebrate their 15-year wedding anniversary this August 1. 


Bill & Kay Bock – October 9, 1977

Just like in the song, Summer lovin’ had Bill & Kay a blast! On a Friday at the Fullerton pool, Bill and Kay were both splashin’ around with a group of mutual friends when a game erupted necessitating Kay to jump on Bill’s back. Neither knew the other but fun was had. After the day at the pool, Kay left with a family friend who coordinated their ride home. The ride turned out to be Bill. On the drive home, Kay was talking about her weekend plans at Lake Wallenpaupack. Bill’s brother asked where their family house was on the lake and shared that his family had a boat up at the lake as well. As it turns out, Bill’s family went up to the lake that weekend and sought out Kay for a ride on the boat. After returning home from a weekend on the lake, Bill asked Kay out and the rest is history!


James & Donna Foley – October 4, 1980

James and Donna’s lives initially converged in first grade and they continued through grade school together. Their families went to the same church and were both very involved. The story so far has all the components to make high school sweethearts, but they didn’t actually start dating until their Freshman year of college. As fate would have it, both James and Donna wound up at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre. During their first year, James accidentally stepped in a pothole and broke his ankle. As an old friend, Donna offered to drive him around. That kindness and time spent together led to a budding relationship. This year James and Donna will celebrate 43 years of wedded bliss!


James & Denise Kessler – August 6, 1983

James “Jim” and Denise first met in the Army where they both worked in military intelligence. After basic training, they progressed to advanced training where they started spending more time together. One thing led to another and time as friends turned into a romantic relationship. After training, they were placed at two different posts: Jim in California and Denise in Fort Hood, Texas. They made calls to stay connected but when Denise’s phone bills started racking up, they wrote letters instead. Jim eventually requested to swap with someone at Fort Hood, which was an easy request as Southern California was more desirable than Fort Hood, Texas. Jim and Denise married at Fort Hood, almost exactly 40 years ago!


Stephen “Steve” and Monica Fedorak – September 8, 1973

Similar to Jack and Leslie, Stephen “Steve” and Monica disagree on a few of the initial details. Both agree that they met on Main Street in Northampton where peers hung out and socialized but the specific spot is in question to this day! One believes they first connected at Hillside Mini Golf and Ice Cream and the other thinks it was Bobby Kosc’s Trading Post. Regardless, the blue Chevelle Super Sport Steve drove around surely caught Monica’s attention. 2023 marks 50 years of marriage and cruising through life together; the ride continues to be great!