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Being Tax Smart while Making Merry…

Being Tax Smart while Making Merry…

December 12, 2017

As the end of the year approaches our calendars fill up with shopping, parties and generally making merry. But you may not feel merry on April 15 of next year. Why? Because you need to find time in that busy schedule to evaluate your 2017 tax obligations before January, 2018.

With so much of this current year already in the books, you have enough financial history through your paystubs and brokerage statements to create a clear picture of your 2017 tax data.

By going through this process you can project your taxable income, your expected refund, or…shudder…your expected balance due.

And then there is the new tax bill in Washington to consider: If it becomes law by year’s end, will it become retroactive to January 1, 2017, or be activated in 2018?

The art and science of tax planning begins at One Financial Services. We understand the personal art of meeting your family’s needs for education, philanthropy, investment management, and retirement. And we are very familiar with the science of navigating the US Tax Code.

With One Financial Services it may be possible to control the impact to your financial success in 2018 by wrapping up 2017 with a solid tax plan.

Call us today to book your appointment and spend your holiday being truly merry…

This information is not intended to be a substitute for individualized tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation. One Financial Services and LPL Financial do not offer tax advice or services.