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An Inside View of Finding the Positives

An Inside View of Finding the Positives

March 14, 2021

There’s a line in the classic movie, “Sound of Music” where, in one of her darkest moments, the heroine says she believes that whenever a door closes a window opens somewhere.

This past year many doors have been closed by COVID-19, but through all the changes and adjustments the One Financial Services team has found many open windows.

During a recent daily Zoom team meeting, our Co-founder, Jack Morrone, asked each member to reflect and share at least one thing that they think the One Financial Services’ team does better today than they did a year ago, “pre-COVID”. The answers were encouraging and inspiring…

There were many variations on the theme of how everyone came together to embrace the changes that were mandated by the pandemic, but strength, resiliency, and a spirit of common purpose topped the list. Rather than complain, the team pitched in to continue to serve their clients. One team member said, “Normally, figuring out how everyone could continue to provide a high level of client service while working from home could have taken a few weeks or months but when we had to do it, we were able to make the switch in 1-2 days with little to no disruption.”

Other thoughts that were expressed by many related to increased efficiency and improved communication. Starting each workday with a Zoom meeting resulted in a higher level of collaboration among the team and a willingness to help each other because everyone was in the same situation, trying to find that work-life-home balance while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Perhaps the brightest window that opened this past year is the one that showed us how patient and loyal our clients are. When we say that our One Financial Services clients are like family, we’ve never meant it more.