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Retirement Planning

Perhaps a colleague has retired and you are wondering if you can realistically do the same, or there may be a rumor at work about downsizing and you want to check in on your retirement plan to be prepared if you are selected. Maybe you just had a really bad day at work and know that you do not want to work there any longer. Many times people do not think about retirement until they reach one of these scenarios. However, at One Financial Services, we believe retirement planning should begin well before any of these situations arise.

We recognize that there are many different retirement situations that exist, and everyone has a different lifestyle they would like to achieve or maintain in retirement. That is why our firm evaluates each client’s unique circumstance to see how likely their anticipated need for income in retirement has a chance to be successful. Through a series of sequence-of-return and cash-flow simulations, we compute how often their current portfolio and estimated cash flow needs will experience a successful outcome during past rolling periods.

Once this analysis is complete, our firm is able to create a retirement plan that is tailored to each individual’s lifestyle. Components such as asset management, withdrawal rates, taxes, among other facets, are taken into consideration when building and managing a client’s portfolio. We also take into consideration current employer sponsored retirement plans, such as a 401(k) or pensions that play an important role in a client’s retirement story. Our firm can offer advice in these areas as well, ensuring that all sources of possible retirement cash flow coincide with one another. Any time any of these elements change, the analysis can be redone and adjustments made accordingly.

We at One Financial Services strive to manage your portfolio and all of its components in a way to give each client a successful retirement through recognition that there are many elements to every retirement story.


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